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Current Deals

Once in while we feel generous or are in need of space for new items, so we'll toss some savings your way.  Here are just some of the current deals happening now. Call for availability first...


Architecture Roofing $66 a square un-wrapped

Architecture Roofing $72 a square wrapped/Black $78

5/4x6 Western red cedar $0.50 per ft

1X6 KD/1x8 KD Pine Outs Ship Lap $0.55 & $0.75 per ft.

2x6 12' KD Japanese Cedar $30.00 per board

5/4x6 Japanese cedar $1.50 per ft

5/4x4 Japanese cedar $1.00 per ft

1x6 T&G Pattern Outs Cedar R/L (256 pc/unit) $075 per ft.

4x8 T1-11 Siding (Various Grooves) 1/2" $35.00 and 5/8" $40.00

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