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We have architectural and 3-Tab.  Call us to see what availability we have in the colors below. 


IKO architectural shingles $72 per square(wrapped)

All architectural shingles are $66 per square.

All 3-Tab shingles are $48 per square.

We also have starter, ridge cap in matching colors, and roofing felt to help finish off that roofing project.

There are 3 bundles per square (10'x10'), not paper wrapped. The bundles are 18 to 24 shingles but average 22. The #2 means it didn't meet #1 standards, colors are not perfectly matched, an occasional tar strip missing on the back and sometimes a bad shingle might be in the bundle (it does happen). These are 30 year rated but don't carry any warranty. One square weighs 220 lbs. These are cash and carry- no delivery- no returns. Great roofing for the price! CASH or CREDIT CARD ONLY. Sorry, no checks.

Recommended Roofing Quantitiy

Recommend purchasing 10% over needed quantity.

Roofing Shingles

1 Bundle = 33.3 Square Feet

1 Square = 100 Square Feet

Ridge Cap

1 Bundle = 20 Linear Feet

1 Square = 60 Linear Feet

Starter Shingles

1 Bundle = 80 Linear Feet

1 Square = 240 Linear Feet

Onyx Black



Sierra Grey

Shasta White

Desert Tan

Quarry Grey

Estate Grey



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